F. de Saussure: Course in General Linguistics (1983)

   •Roy Harris

Paperback: 236 pages
ISBN: 0812690230

This is a new translation of one of the most profoundly influential books of the 20th century. Saussure’s posthumously published Cours de linguistique générale is a key text in the development of structuralism. It not only laid the foundations of modern linguistic theory, but also established at the same time a general science of signs: semiology. It opened up new perspectives in the analysis of human communication of all kinds. This translation pays careful attention to the terminological difficulties which have often puzzled or misled English students of Saussure. It presents the complete text of the Cours, with an introduction and notes for the guidance of the general reader who is not a specialist in linguistics but who wishes to make a personal assessment of a work which stands as one of the intellectual landmarks in modern thought.

– ‘[this] translation as a whole is the one to use from now on’
                                                            John Sturrock in London Review of Books

F. de Saussure. Course in General Linguistics was awarded the Scott-Moncrieff prize for translation.

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