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Roy Harris has contributed articles and reviews to many journals, including Analysis, Encounter, French Studies, Journal of Linguistics, Journal of Literary Semantics, History and Philosophy of Logic, Language Sciences, Language in Society, London Review of Books, Medium Aevum, Mind, Modern Language Review, Review of English Studies, Revue de linguistique romane, Semiotica, Times Higher Education Supplement and Times Literary Supplement, as well as chapters in collected volumes of essays and conference papers and contributions to encyclopedias.

A complete list down to 1995 is to be found in G. Wolf and N.Love (eds), Linguistics Inside Out. Roy Harris and His Critics, Amsterdam, Benjamins, 1997. A full bibliography from 1996 to 2010 is included in David Bade and Adrian Pablé (eds), Linguistics Out of Bounds, Explorations in Integrational Linguistics in Honour of Roy Harris on his 80th Birthday, a special issue of Language Sciences (Volume 33, Issue 4).

Principal publications
The list below includes Roy Harris' principal publications from 1970 to the present.
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1973 Synonymy and Linguistic Analysis, Oxford, Blackwell.
1980 The Language-Makers, London, Duckworth.
1981 The Language Myth, London, Duckworth.
1983 F. de Saussure: Course in General Linguistics, London, Duckworth.
1986 The Origin of Writing, London, Duckworth.
1987 Reading Saussure, London, Duckworth.
1987 The Language Machine, London, Duckworth.
1988 Language, Saussure and Wittgenstein, London, Routledge.
1994 La Sémiologie de l'écriture, Paris, CNRS.
1996 Signs of Writing, London, Routledge.
1996 The Language Connection, Bristol, Thoemmes.
1996 Signs, Language and Communication, London, Routledge.
1998 Introduction to Integrational Linguistics, Oxford, Pergamon.
2000 Rethinking Writing, London, Athlone.
2001 Saussure and his Interpreters, Edinburgh, Edinburgh UP.
2003 The Necessity of Artspeak, London, Continuum.
2004 The Linguistics of History, Edinburgh, Edinburgh UP.
2005 The Semantics of Science, London, Continuum.
2006 Integrationist Notes and Papers 2003-2005, Crediton, Tree Tongue.
2007 (with Christopher Hutton) Definition in Theory and Practice: Language, Lexicography and the Law, London, Continuum.
2008 Mindboggling. Preliminaries to a science of the mind, Luton, Pantaneto Press.
2009 Rationality and the Literate Mind, New York, Routledge.
2009 Integrationist Notes and Papers 2006 -2008, Gamlingay, Bright Pen.
2009 After Epistemology, Gamlingay, Bright Pen.
2010 The Great Debate About Art, Chicago, Prickly Paradigm Press.
2011 Integrationist Notes and Papers 2009-2011, Gamlingay, Bright Pen.

2012 Integrationist Notes and Papers 2012, Gamlingay, Bright Pen.

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